Tuesday, February 21

More Tregoz evidence

My research into the Braose Tregoz marriage (see Braose and Tregoz - Feb 19th below)) has led me to believe that I have discovered the identity of the mother of Robert de Tregoz who was married to Sibyl de Ewyas.

It seems that William de Tregoz, Robert’s father was married to a daughter of Philip de Braose, second Lord of Bramber.

The evidence for the marriage came from an entry in the Christchurch Priory Cartulary (no 654). This entry concerns a John de Tregoz. It mentions his sons, John, Henry and Thomas and his brother Robert.

John and his son had some disputes with F├ęcamp Abbey which were resolved by an agreement in 1194. (Cal. Doc. France 142) In this the younger John was joined by “Philip his uncle” in pledging their faith. The consent of John’s brothers Henry and Thomas is also noted.

Both Philip and Robert de Tregoz made grants to Boxgrove Priory in the 1180s and 1190s. A witness to Philip’s grant is “my brother Robert”. (Cott. MS. Claud. A. vi, fol. 65 quoted by L F Salzman in Sussex Archaeological Collections Vol 93 [1955] pp34-58)

This Robert is then the Robert de Tregoz who was keeper of the castle of Old Sarum 1191-99 and was granted lands in Sussex in 1194 (Salzman). He is known to have married Sibyl de Ewyas.

In 1190, Richard I had confirmed grants to St Stephen’s, Caen made by Robert Tregoz and his father William. (Cal. Doc. France 460)

To summarise we have a family, descended from William de Tregoz which consists of brothers John, Robert and Philip. John’s sons are John, Henry and Thomas. The elder John’s mother was a sister of William de Braose. (The time scales indicate that this must have been the son of Philip de Braose).

Hence William de Tregoz was married to a daughter of Philip de Braose and she was the mother of Robert de Tregoz.

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