Monday, October 25

Articles hosted by the Braose Web

The Braose Web site hosts a group of articles which relate to the Braose or Brewes family. I have made access available via a new page of links.

The death of Joan Brewes  by Paul Mackenzie 
A debt of Peter de Brewes by Paul Mackenzie
The Maternity of John and Beatrix de Brewes by Paul Mackenzie
A note on the maternity of John and Beatrix de Brewes by Doug Thompson
A Review of the Ancestry of Richard de Brewes, husband of Alice le Rus  by Paul Mackenzie
Feet of Fine between Richard and William de Braose (1271)  by Paul Mackenzie
The Career of William III de Briouze in the Reign of King John: Land, Power and Social Ties
by Matthew Boulter
The Inquisition Post Mortem of John de Brewes by Doug Thompson & Paul Mackenzie

Wednesday, October 6

Steyning Museum Website

I see that Steyning Museum have published a short history of the Braose lords of Bramber on their website.

They have a Braose exhibit too.

The website is worth a visit - and the museum itself if you live near Steyning! You could visit Bramber castle as well. (pictured right).