Thursday, August 5

A 1403 case in court

In 1403 there was a case at the Court of King's Bench between Margaret, the widow of Thomas de Brewes (d1395) and her new husband, William Burcestre on one side, and John Brewes (of Wiston), George Brewes and some associates on the other side. Margaret claimed that she had been disseised of her manors of Chesworth and Sedgwick, a life grant of which had been made to her by her husband. George Brewes was the cousin and heir of Thomas who claimed that Thomas had been "non compos mentis" when he made the life grant.

Eventually, (the case had been dragging on for years), John and George lost their case and had to pay Margaret the proceeds of the manors which they had appropriated.

Paul Mackenzie has transcribed and translated the original court records of the case and has made this available for all to see at the Your Archives site. The records confirm many relationships in the Brewes family.